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More Time for Medicine

Idana – Intelligent Digital Anamnesis

For doctors by doctors

Idana is the first application software on the market that creates a disease specific medical history via a tablet prior to the doctors’ consultation.

Idana uses professional questionnaires adapted individually to the patient’s case. Before talking to the patient, the physician gets a digital briefing about the patient’s complaints and background information. In this way Idana saves time for a personalised treatment and supports a proactive doctor-patient communication.


More Time

With Idana you are asking the right questions, are saving time and are creating the basis for the efficient conversation.


Less Paperwork

Idana automatically documents the gathered information and generates a report for you.


Satisfied Patients

Idana reduces waiting time, optimises communication, and contributes to a holistic therapy.


Telemedical follow-up of your patients

Idana@home allows patients to fill the Idana questionnaires at home. As a result, the doctor gets a detailed medical overview prior to the personal consultation.

Idana@home also allows doctors to actively follow up patients after a treatment has been carried out.

Idana is currently in the test phase.

Are you interested in an early test version?



For the optimal documentation Idana highlights red flags and calculates diagnostics scores.


Evidence based

All questionnaires are developed by doctors and consistently updated in accordance to official guidelines.



Idana fulfills legal requirements for data security and protects sensitive data with modern encryption algorithms.

This is how it works


What experts say about Idana

  • »The development of an efficient telemedical link between the doctor and the patient is a tremendous opportunity to improve health care services. Software solutions like Idana provide the opportunity to study user acceptance, efficiency and cost-benefit ratios of telemedical solutions prior to their nationwide rollout in the health-care system.« Mai 2017

    Prof. Dr. Farin-Glattacker
    Leiter der Sektion Versorgungs- und Rehabilitationsforschung am Universitätsklinikum Freiburg

  • »Idana is a state of the art, yet simple to use application that uses the outspoken benefits of digitalisation. The direct input of the medical history into the tablet is unbureaucratic, saves time, and the information gained faciltiates the diagnosis.« April 2017

    Dr. Michael Lauk
    Chief Executive Officer of Neuroloop GmbH

  • »Prior the consultation, Idana gathers, structures, and presents the information that is relevant to the documentation of the treatment. This contributes to stronger patient involvement, improved medical security and makes processes more time efficient. The time spared can be allocated to the questions that are particularly important to the patient.« März 2017

    Dr. Andy Maun
    Consulting Physician for General Medicine

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